Jeff Simmermon, Anwar Newton, and Julie Brister share about kangaroo hunting, a confusing carjacking, and a sister gone too soon.

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Nicole Gruter, Daniel Franzese and Muna share stories about shamanic sex, being both gay and Christian, and surviving female genital mutilation.

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Mike Lawrence, Miles Walser and Atsuko Okatsuka share about working in a fast food joint, transitioning with testosterone and reuniting with a parent in Japan.

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Cyndi Freeman, Kevin Bohl, Jamie Brickhouse, and Sarah Long Hendershot share seasonal tales about Jewish Christmas elves, barflies in a blizzard, photos of dear old Mama, and a precious gift in our annual winter holidays special for 2017.

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Danny Lobell, David Hu, Tracey Segarra, and Megan Hayes share seasonal tales in our annual winter holidays special for 2016

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Emma Alamo, Jacoby Cochran, and Maureen Muldoon share stories about a blowjob in a tree, a kids' production of the Passion, and a few jars of babies.

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Andrew Collin, Stephanie Andros, and Amy Salloway share about a bulletproof vest, a breaking and entering trauma, and parental threats that became unexpectedly real

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Tommy Nugent, Patricia Wheeler and Satori Shakoor share about teenage sexual exploration, grieving a lover who passed away, and a lifetime of reasons to say, "Thank you!

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Joe Belknap Wall, Rachel Hinton and Shamyla Tareen share stories about a bukkake party, a brutal romance, and a difficult childhood move from Maryland to Pakistan

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