Alix Born, Shane Torres and Graham Isador share stories about a not so cool mom, a homeless dad and an intimate hair washing.

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Larry Talbot shares about about an abusive relationship in which he was the abuser.

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Melanie Hamlett shares about a very bad romance.

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Christine Gentry, Richard Cardillo and Dan Wilbur share stories about teaching tough kids, oral sex in Peru and a high school romance cut short by illness.

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Samantha Ruddy, Mark Redmond and Jerry Franklin share about coming out at the dentist, coaching at-risk kids basketball and discovering the dildos of the deceased.

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Rob Lauta, Hallie Bulleit and Jonah Ray tell stories about streaking, mermaids and record sales on 9/11.

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Erin Popelka, Thandi Davis and Tim C. share stories of a Japanese flasher, a Christian cult and couple of kids saved from sex trafficking.

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Adam Wade, Melanie Hamlett and Craig Mangum share about public bathroom drama, nerve-wracking weddings and Mormon missions.

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Kevin T. Phillips, R. Alan Brooks, Jared Ewy and Rachel Weeks share about oral sex, a school shooting, a teacher-student romance and surviving a brain injury.

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