Rachel Lark, Bex Caputo and Mollena Williams-Haas share about the pleasures of pee-play, a sex party on Queer Prom night, and the ultimate union between "Master" and "slave" when RISK! and Bawdy Storytelling teamed up in Brooklyn.

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Corinne Fisher, Dick Wound and Dixie De La Tour tell about vagina pics confiscated by the FBI, a fetish for murderesses, and the science of semen flavors when RISK! and Bawdy Storytelling teamed up in Brooklyn.

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Ray Christian, Jane Steckbeck, and Mike Sharp share about a bathroom disaster in Korea, a workshop that brought sexual healing, and a mother and son who agreed to disagree about Mormonism.

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Our thirteenth collection of our favorite music from the most recent RISK! episodes.

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Kathryn Wood, Michele Carlo, and Marc Abbott tell stories about blindfolded sex with strangers, a 70's high school's "Kill Whitey Day," and the son of a cop learning about race in America.

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Morgan Jones Phillips, Donna Bailey and Samira Sahebi share about the morbid humor of EMTs, a scary dinner party and a mother's touch in Iran.

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Andy Christie, Terry Wolfisch Cole and Scott Thompson tell stories of testicle injuries, losing a friend to AIDS, and spiritual intoxication

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Jean Le Bec, Danny Artese, and Sarah Long Hendershot share stories about a nudist colony, a bully teacher, and an unlikely friendship with a grumpy old man.

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Elna Baker, Elliot Maxwell and Mike Brown share about peak moments of revelation.

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