Jolenta Greenberg and David Crabb share stories about a pre-teen dastardly duo and a boy and his wonderful dog.

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Ptolemy Slocum, Mara Wilson and Megan McGee share stories about placenta smoothies, scary colonoscopies and trying to have a baby one more time.

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Rafe Williams, David Wraith, and Amy Brooks share stories about bullies, male sex workers and losing a father at an early age.

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Jamie Brickhouse, Gianmarco Soresi, and Tija Mittal share stories about puppy love, battling step-dads and a bloody accident next door.

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Franchesca Ramsey, Mollena Williams-Haas and Christina Bondurant share stories about trips on mushrooms, journeys to Africa, and stumbles out of the closet with their parents.

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Dana Norris, Ian McIntosh and Jamie Fadden-Cannon tell stories about postpartum blues, racism in dating, and a very dangerous love affair.

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Our fourteenth collection of our favorite music from the most recent RISK! episodes.


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Gastor Almonte, Beowulf Jones and Tracy Rowland share stories about the birds and the bees, the wrong place to masturbate, and taking risky leaps.

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Melissa Slaughter and Jill Chenault tell stories of finding community among other Asian-Americans and growing up in a family of kickass African-American women.

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