Greg Barris, Anna Seregina and Cole Kazdin share stories of mating rituals between unexpected couplings.

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Megan Hayes, Maya James and Ed G. tell stories of abuse and resilience.

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Dixie De La Tour, Elka Karl and Kathleen Auterio tell tales of trying new things in the sex lives.

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Wonder Dave, Ray Christian, and David Crabb share tales of times before they were men.

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R. Ben Garant, Jude Treder-Wolff and Allison Moon share about difficult passages in life.

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Dave Ross, Daniel Sloss and Toni Nagy tell stories of times their families dropped the ball or had to pick it up again.

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David Crabb, Reba Sparrow and Kevin Allison share stories of secrets revealed.

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JC Cassis tells of a scary and heartbreaking experience in her family.

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Kate Willet, Sandra Elliot and Shannon Cason share stories about sex that was supposed to be no big deal, but then was.

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