Mollena Williams, Andrew Aghapour, and Melanie Hamlett tell true stories that get very up close and personal.

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Selena Coppock, James Judd, Jamie Pinto and Travis Cook tell stories of icky life and yucky times.

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More of our favorite music from the most recent RISK! episodes.

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Buck Angel, Kumail Nanjiani and Lindsay Hoffman share about times they were in physical danger.

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Kyle Gest, Myka Fox and Tara Clancy share stories of dangerous days.

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Five favorite stories from the past 50 episodes, plus excerpts from some of our favorite long stories.

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Lisa Lampanelli and others share jaw-dropping true stories in this compilation of the best tales told on the RISK! podcast recently.

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Jay Mohr and others share jaw-dropping true stories in the latest compilation of the best tales told on the RISK! podcast

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In "Kevin Goes to Kink Camp, Part 1," we present the most explicit story yet told on RISK! The names and biographical information for most of the people mentioned in this story have been changed. 

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