Kate Willet, Sandra Elliot and Shannon Cason share stories about sex that was supposed to be no big deal, but then was.

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Winter Tashlin, Amy Salloway and Kevin Allison share stories of neurological weirdness.

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Peter Kim, Lily Be, Don Hall and Mikey Manker share true stories of times things got freaky at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

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Ts Madison, Christopher Ryan, Aaron Kheifets and Ceara Lynch share stories of deviating from the norm.

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Chris Gray, Kyla Hines and Danny Felts share stories of freaky, funky times.

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Chris Gethard, Christian Finnegan, Ophira Eisenberg, and Pat Dixon all share personal tales of anxiety

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Mollena Williams, Andrew Aghapour, and Melanie Hamlett tell true stories that get very up close and personal.

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Selena Coppock, James Judd, Jamie Pinto and Travis Cook tell stories of icky life and yucky times.

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More of our favorite music from the most recent RISK! episodes.

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